After Builders Cleaning in Fulham, SW6

after builders cleaning services in LondonOur company is based in Fulham and we deliver high quality after builders cleaning services to anyone who wants to ensure the perfect post-renovation condition of their properties.

Through the years we have been improving our services and today we can offer you a wide range of cleaning options and the opportunity to create your very own cleaning plan. You can choose from our list of services according to your needs, preferences and budget and we will clean accordingly. Your satisfaction is important to us and we will go above and beyond to meet all your expectations.

Excellent after builders cleaning services, the most affordable rates in Fulham

Domestic Cleaning Prices
After Builders Cleaning One Off Cleaning Deep Cleaning Regular Cleaning
from £23 £22 £22 £20
Hire us and we will bring back the comfort and the nice, healthy atmosphere in your home. Our team will clean with precision your entire property and you will be impressed with the results.

After Builders Cleaning vs Deep Cleaning: What’s the Difference?

While deep cleaning of the property and cleaning after renovations are similar and can be easily mistaken, they are very different. The main idea is to thoroughly clean and disinfect all areas and surfaces. However, the deep cleaning involves corners that are often neglected while the post renovations cleaning is more about the proper removal of industrial waste and dust, as well as toxic debris that may be causing allergic reactions or irritations. The other big difference is the tools and products used in both of those tasks. DUring the deep cleaning service, high quality non-toxic products will be used to eliminate dust, mould, bacteria and others. When performing the after builders cleaning service our cleaning experts will use specific devices that will get rid of all fine dust and industrial debris.

Our Professional After Builders Cleaning Process

We provide high-quality cleaning services that include a wide range of activities and methods. To assure their high quality, we supply our cleaning professionals with comprehensive work lists that they must adhere to during the job. Everything will be completed properly – strong cleaning chemicals and high-quality equipment will be utilised. You will receive fantastic outcomes.
We will remove all hazardous material, dust, and garbage that the restoration staff has left behind. The room’s furniture and different surfaces will be polished and cleaned. All of the basic duties that are included in your service are outlined here.

  1. Your property will be thoroughly examined, and the best chemicals and techniques will be utilised to cure the stains you have at home. You may be confident that the best results will be delivered.
  2. Our cleaners will remove rubbish and debris from the whole property to prepare it for the service.
  3. The cleaning experts will ensure that all furniture is wiped down and cleaned using the proper cleaning supplies that will not cause damage.
  4. The cleaners will use high-quality cleaning equipment to eliminate all of the fine industrial dust from the entire home.
  5. No stains from paint or concrete will be left on any of the surfaces at your home.
  6. All wooden items in the house will be cleaned and polished using appropriate materials.
  7. Deep cleaning of glass, metal and tile areas throughout the property.
  8. Vacuum all carpets, rugs and upholstery, as well as mop the whole surface of the floor.
  9. To ensure that the property is ready for your arrival, we will sanitise every corner of it.

Request a Custom Cleaning Service quote

A custom price will be estimated for you. It will be based on the tasks of your project, and the condition of your property. You will be provided with a free price quote over the phone, as well as a detailed bill with everything you are charged for. You will know exactly what you are paying for and may rest assured that no hidden charges will occur and you will only have to pay for what you receive.

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We will deeply and properly disinfect your bathrooms and kitchen, we will clean all living and sleeping areas without missing a detail. We will refresh your carpets, curtains and upholstery, we will clean your windows and your home will be immaculate and shiny!

Cutting edge cleaning technologies, brilliant, long-lasting results

builders cleaning in LondonWe use high end professional equipment and we rely entirely on safe, eco friendly methods and products. We take pride in being one of the few companies in SW6 and on the market that follow the green cleaning tendencies in their work.

Our professional cleaners are experienced, qualified, hard-working and will not spare efforts to clean your home according to the highest standards. They will carefully listen to your requirements and will deliver the service you need.

“ The cleaners were very professional and managed to clean my apartment very nicely. I found this service to be very convenient and they really are very flexible. But the best part of all was the reasonable price that I paid. I have recommended it already to friends and I think they would like it as well. -Carol”

Quick and convenient cleaning process, customer-friendly service

We know that time is important to you and we will make sure we start and finish cleaning on schedule. We will organize quick and hassle-free cleaning visit and will give you some extra time to focus on other important things from your busy schedule.

“ I had not had the pleasure of using such an amazing and cost-effective professional cleaning service in a long time. This after builders cleaning service is definitely worth the money and more. I loved it very much and I will definitely use it again the next time. -Diana”

We work 7 days a week and on holidays so call us now and make an appointment! We will deliver the right service for your needs and your home will be sparkling clean like never before!