After Builders Cleaning in Anerley, SE20

after builders cleaning services in LondonEveryone who needs a little clean up after their renovation has the option to make us their choice. We are available for homes, work places and public places. If you are interested, take the opportunity and give us a call.

Our team, providing you with this service is professionally trained to get the job done. A lot of our employees even have previous experience in the Anerley industry, so it is safe to say that you and all our other clients are in safe hands.

The service starts off this way

Domestic Cleaning Prices
After Builders Cleaning One Off Cleaning Deep Cleaning Regular Cleaning
from £18 £16 £18 £16
When you are ready, go ahead and contact us. As we do with all of our new clients, we are going to introduce you to the service and give you all of the details of how it works from the hiring to its completion.
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If they have any questions surrounding the Anerley we have the answers you need. We make sure that our clients are are sure weather or not they would want to hire our service and we make it a priority to avoid slip ups where are client is unsure and confused about things that they pay for.

Our cleaners are never late

builders cleaning in LondonWhen the client makes their appointment with us, we notify our cleaners and they make sure to arrive at the client’s home right on the hour.

It is expected for the client to be home at the appointed hour as well, otherwise if the cleaners arrive and there is no one there to welcome them, they will have no other choice but to leave.

“I cannot believe that your cleaners managed to get rid of the mess the builders have left in my renovated home. I went out to see a few friends and when I came back home everything was shining. I want you to know that I do appreciate your help and will recommend your after builders cleaning services!- Stephen”

The clean up

After our cleaners arrive and set up, they will get to work right away. First they will start off with one room, cleaning every square inch of it from top to bottom without leaving even the most obscure areas unchecked.

The cleaners move on to the next room and continue with the same procedure only when the room they were working on is 100 percent clean.

“I could not even think how am I supposed to remove the paint spills all over the kitchen floor. That is why I decided to book your company and its after builders cleaning services. Your cleaners arrived just at the appointed time and a few hours later all the damage was gone. You, guys, managed to make me so happy with your performance. Thank you!- Jonathan”

Everything from products to equipment used by our cleaners is curated to be the most effective, safe, healthy and Eco friendly option the Anerley market has to offer.