After Builders Cleaning in Barnes, SW13

after builders cleaning services in LondonIt’s a fresh new start when you renovate your home. But there is this mess that the workers leave behind that you have to deal with and sometimes, it is just too much. For those kinds of situations, there are people in the Barnes industry who can help.

Among those people you can find our company, providing after builders cleaning service with high quality procedures and very satisfying results. Like a sculpture chiseled by the workers, we are going to blow its dust away and reveal something beautiful.

Part one of our service

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You make the call, we do the costumer support, explaining to you everything about the after builders cleaning service from start to finish, making sure that you are not left wondering what you are giving your money to.
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After we are done giving you the details about the service, if you have any further questions that fall into the SW13 area, we are ready to answer them.

If we are hired, we make it to you right on time. We do not leave our clients waiting. When we arrive, we expect that you or whoever it is to be there. If there is no one, we are going to leave.

Part two of our service

builders cleaning in LondonPlease don’t give us any cleaning supplies, we carry our own that are the best choice in the Barnes industry. Plus the products we use are completely healthy and Green.

We come in, set up and get to work. Starting off with general cleaning of the entire home as we vacuum and clean up all floors – wooden, tiled and carpets. Next is cleaning all of the windows – inside, outside and in between, plus vacuuming the curtains and blinds.

“You are just precious with your after builders cleaning services. Thanks to you, I could enjoy my home on the same day, when the builders left. Everything was sanitised and even disinfected. There was no sign of the reconstruction project after you cleaned. Everything was so perfect and I definitely will recommend you! – Molly”

Affordable After Builders Cleaning in SW13

After that are doors and door frames – cleaning them up from fingerprints, stains and so on. From there we move on to wooden furniture – everything is cleaned up from dust and polished.

“I’d like to say thanks for the brilliant after builders cleaning services, which you provided me with. That terrific results can be achieved only by the best cleaning techs. Every trails left by the builders was gone in no time. And the best is that you charge absolutely moderate and the quality is the highest possible! – Sam”

When this is done, we move to the kitchen. We clean all appliances, inside and out, same goes for the cupboards, shelves and drawers. When that is done, it’s the bathroom. We clean everything from top to bottom – shower, bathtub, sink and faucet and so on.